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Proven Non-Core Product Solutions and Expert OEM Support It isn’t just something that we do. It’s ALL we do.

As an aerospace OEM, your business is built to design, manufacture, and deliver cutting-edge technology. But as your products age or fall outside your core focus, challenges emerge that strain your resources and impact your ability to meet business objectives. Products that produce more challenges than profits are exactly why Ontic exists.

Our sole focus is the support of aging and non-core products, through licensing or acquisition, providing OEM-pedigree parts and accessories for as long as the market requires. Licensing or divesting your products with Ontic is the proven, profitable way to end the strain aging and non-core product lines place on your organization.

Key Signs You Need an Ontic Extended Life Solution

  • Product no longer core to strategic focus
  • Product utilized on a declining fleet
  • Shrinking market share
  • Manufacturing requirements compatible with "lean"
  • Decreasing volume with sporadic demand
  • Product support challenges
  • Contract restriction prevents desired returns
  • Continued support distracts your key resources

With the inevitable challenges that accompany non-core product lines, the question is not “if” you need an exit strategy, but “when”. 

Talk to an Ontic Extended Life Solutions Expert to explore your options and to ensure you meet all of your organization’s business objectives.

How much could you profit if you aging products were supported by Ontic?

Licensing or Divesting a Product Line through Ontic’s Extended Life Solutions Program allows OEMs to eliminate the burdens of challenging product lines and gain capital to fund future growth.

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