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Find out what to expect when pursuing your career at Ontic, whether you want to know more about how to apply, which opportunities are available, or what’s on offer.

Our culture is one that facilitates trust and growth. It’s built on our core values: a common sense, freedom to choose, and the ability to create the opportunity. We believe in a culture where everyone is seen, heard, and listened to, so every employee has the opportunity to make a difference — in their career, in our business, and in the aerospace sector. We embrace challenges, turning them into opportunities to innovate. As we grow, you do too.

We want to get to know you on a personal and professional level, so we’ve established an informal interview process. Once you’ve applied for a role on our Careers Page, the hiring manager will review your application. If we think you’re a good match, you’ll be invited for an interview. This involves either a single interview or a two-stage interview process — it varies by the role we’re recruiting for and the location. Even if you’re not quite right for the role at this time, we’d love for you to stay in touch and apply for future roles that pique your interest. Use our Introduce Yourself feature to set up a profile and easily apply for roles at Ontic.

Head over to our Careers Page to explore current roles and submit your application. For any general HR queries, feel free to email our team at

As a global leader in aerospace, we offer worldwide career opportunities. We recruit for a huge variety of roles, from engineers and technicians, to finance, project management, and admin positions. If you think you’d be a good fit for our company, please get in touch using our Introduce Yourself feature. We’d love to hear from you!

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Yes. We offer a variety of apprenticeship schemes, predominantly centered around engineering, giving young learners an opportunity to build their skill set and grow within the company. Our graduate schemes span engineering, HR, and commercial roles, which are usually two-year courses. We also offer year-in industry positions, which are typically completed as part of a 4 year degree, with 3 years spent in the industry. Once complete, we look to offer you a full-time position at Ontic in your chosen career path.

We encourage every member of our worldwide team to establish a growth mindset, supporting them to migrate within our business. We offer opportunities for employees to move to other global offices, as well as to new roles in the company. Roles are advertised internally to give you the opportunity to embrace the challenge.

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