OEM Partners

As the top supplier of established aircraft parts, leading OEMs around the world continue to license and divest their product lines to us, freeing them to focus on the future. Ontic becomes the customer’s OEM, acquiring all manufacturing and supply chain responsibilities to ensure continued availability of established aircraft parts.

Proven Adoption Process

Over 45 years of experience & hundreds of product transitions refined to minimize customer disruption and impact on OEM operations

Supply Chain Specialization

Experts in low volume, high-mix manufacturing with faster delivery times and increased customer satisfaction

Product sustainability & Engineering Expertise

Increased and extended product revenue with lifetime support for your product lines

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OEM Solutions

Ontic allows you to maximize the value of your established aircraft parts by divesting your product lines to us, so you can focus your resources elsewhere and reduce the strain on your overheads.

Partnering with Ontic

By partnering with Ontic, we can ensure continuous availability of your established aircraft parts with guaranteed quality and sustainability, freeing up your tied inventory and improving customer satisfaction.

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Proven Partnerships

Through our proven adoption process, Ontic has transitioned hundreds of product lines from major, global OEMs to keep the world’s fleets flying.

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Speak with one of our licensing experts to learn more about our OEM solutions and how we can help you with your product line, freeing you to focus on the future.