Keeping the World Turning with Ontic

The biggest players in the aerospace industry have placed their trust in Ontic for over 45 years. And that’s because our team of talented people are committed to driving our vision forward — we keep the world turning by giving the aircraft industry a new lease of life.

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Our Mission

At Ontic, we’re more than the sum of our parts.

We offer so much more than the products and systems we manufacture, repair, and recertify. As one, we work collaboratively with our customers, partners, and employees to become the global leader in our markets, so that we can positively influence our communities and keep the fleets of the future flying safely for longer.

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Our Promise

Whether a customer, partner, member of the community, or each other, our promise remains the same.

No matter if it’s a complex engineering problem, or a significant period of change in the business, we always embrace the challenge and start where others stop. And our experience of embodying our promise time and time again gives us the confidence and resilience to deliver on our mission — being more than the sum of our parts.

More Than the Sum of Our Parts

Being more than the sum of our parts means going above and beyond to provide end-to-end, excellent service, whether a customer, partner, or team member. And that’s exactly what we do at Ontic.

Customer & Partner Driven

Our customers and partners are our biggest advocates — because we work to establish strong, long-term relationships through outstanding customer experience and delivering quality in everything we do.

Building Differentiation

Our values are at the core of all that we do at Ontic. We’ve created a unique, thriving culture — one where we develop innovative ways of working and continue to grow our breadth of knowledge and expertise.

A Great Place to Work

We make sure every colleague feels that they belong here at Ontic. We attract the most talented people to keep pushing us forward and empower our employees to reach their true potential.

“We are solving some of the biggest problems in aerospace.

We pride ourselves on our safety culture and our commitment to building quality products that help our customers either execute their mission effectively and safely, or transport people around the world

Matthew Pritchard Director of Customer Engagement
Matthew Pritchard - Director of Customer Engagement - We are solving some of the biggest problems in aerospace.

We are the most trusted partner in keeping aircrafts flying safely for longer.

Our highly-trained colleagues are experts in overcoming the engineering complexity that comes with developing established aircraft parts. So we give them the freedom to think, experiment, and make it happen. And by giving aircraft parts a new lease on life, we keep the world turning.



We’re a global family of specialists with a shared passion for precision.



We’re challengers and innovators with the freedom to think differently and challenge the status quo.



We’re change-makers with a clear direction and can-do spirit.


Parts & Services

From electronics and avionics, to hydraulics and pneumatics, Ontic’s breadth of capabilities has grown to include over 6,500 top-level assemblies — and we’re innovating more everyday.

Our People

Our team’s commitment to innovation and change enables us to continue to provide customers with the support, products, and services they need, with excellence in mind.

Ontic Careers

Ready to embrace the challenge? See what difference you could make by joining our team at Ontic.

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