Ontic: Past, Present & Future

Ontic has been a worldwide leader in supplying and licensing established aircraft parts and services for over 50 years. Since 1956, we’ve expanded globally, establishing more key sites, partnerships, capabilities, and licenses with aerospace leaders around the world.



Get to know Ontic’s history and see how we’ve expanded globally to supply aerospace leaders around the world.


In May 2024, we celebrated 50 years since acquiring our first license. Since then, we've grown to more than 175 licenses and 1,300 people...it's been a lot of fun and there's more to come!

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Ontic Was Born

Ontic has supplied established aircraft parts to the world’s aerospace leaders for over 50 years. We started with 50 employees in Chatsworth, California.

Ontic Was Born - Chatsworth

Hamilton Sundstrand Becomes the First License

Ontic acquired the first ever licensing partner with Hamilton Sundstrand in the early 1970s, for Pesco Pumps and other hydraulics.

Hamilton Sundstrand Becomes the First License - Pesco
Hamilton Sundstrand Becomes the First License - Hamilton

Ontic Acquires New Licenses

Ontic continued to grow, acquiring new licenses with AlliedSignal and Parker Hannifin.

Ontic Acquires New Licenses - Parker
Ontic Acquires New Licenses - Allied signal

Ontic License Growth

Between 1992 and 1999, Ontic acquired 8 new partnerships with aerospace leaders including Vickers, Bay Precision, Whittaker, Hamilton Standard, Moog, GEC-Marconi, Eaton, and Aeroterra. The diverse product lines included motor parts, electro-mechanical valves, electronic temperature controllers, and fuel line shroud products.

Ontic License Growth - Hamilton standard
Ontic License Growth - 1992
Ontic License Growth - Eaton
Ontic License Growth - 1999

Introducing New Partners

The early 2000s welcomed even more licensing agreements with key players such as Honeywell, Woodward Aircraft Engine Systems, TRW, Goodrich, HR Textron, and Curtiss-Wright.

Introducing New Partners - Woodward
Introducing New Partners - Honeywell
Introducing New Partners - 2001
Introducing New Partners - 2002

Ontic’s Expanding Portfolio

Ontic continued to expand its licensing portfolio with Honeywell by adding Radar Avionic Electronics.

Ontic’s Expanding Portfolio - Honeywell
Ontic’s Expanding Portfolio - Honeywell2

Licensing Portfolio Grows

In 2007, Crane & Moog signed their first licensing products with Ontic, followed by Arkwin in 2008 and Securaplane Technologies in 2009, which included wireless smoke detection products.

Licensing Portfolio Grows - 2007
Licensing Portfolio Grows - 2009

New Facilities

Ontic acquired GE Aviation, adding two new sites in Cheltenham and Singapore.

New Facilities - Ge
New Facilities - Ge2

More Global Licenses

Ontic welcomed Safran and UTC Aerospace Systems as more licensing partners.

More Global Licenses - Safran
More Global Licenses - Utc
More Global Licenses - 2013

Cheltenham Continues to Expand

Cheltenham established more long-term licensing agreements — this time acquiring Ultra Electronics.

Cheltenham Continues to Expand - Untra
Cheltenham Continues to Expand - Service2

Global License Portfolio Welcomes New Partners

Between 2017 and 2018, Ontic established partnerships with GE Aviation and Esterline.

Global License Portfolio Welcomes New Partners - Ge
Global License Portfolio Welcomes New Partners - Esterline

Expanding Facilities

In 2018, Ontic acquired Firstmark Corporation, adding Creedmoor and Plainview facilities, and creating lifetime support for products.

Expanding Facilities - Firstmark
Expanding Facilities - Creedmore1

Further Expansion & Accreditation

Ontic’s expansion continued, adding Meggitt as licensing partners. The same year, Ontic’s Cheltenham facility received CAAC certification and its Trace Certification.

Further Expansion & Accreditation - Cert1
Further Expansion & Accreditation - Cert2
Further Expansion & Accreditation - Meggit

New facilities

Ontic acquired AP Filtration, as well as a selection of Triumph Group products, adding new facilities in Bolton and Staverton.

New facilities - Screenshot 2021 11 22 140741
New facilities - Screenshot 2021 11 22 154304

Continued growth

Throughout the year, we have continued to invest in our people and facilities. We have acquired a number of new licenses and grown our expertise across the globe, including an expansion of more than 20,000 square feet to our Creedmoor, North Carolina facility. We also increased our apprentice numbers by 300%.

Continued growth - DJI 0009 MP4 00 00 02 03 Still001
Continued growth - Ontic Group Oct 2022_crop


In September 2023, we signed our biggest license to date - Honeywell's Thurst Reverser Actuation System (TRAS).

This license built on Ontic’s complex hydraulic systems knowledge, adding a new pneumatic product competence in its UK operations.


The Future of Ontic

As we envisage the future, Ontic is looking forward to continued growth and investment in established aircraft parts and services.

Through the acquisition of new licenses, established partnerships, investment in our employees, and a commitment to delivering great value to our customers, we will continue to be a globally-recognized and trusted leader in the aerospace and defense industry.

The Future of Ontic - Mask2
The Future of Ontic - Mask3
The Future of Ontic - Gallery3
The Future of Ontic - Gallery2


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Our team’s commitment to innovation and change enables us to continue to provide customers with the support, products, and services they need, with excellence in mind.

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At Ontic, we’re more than the sum of our parts. Our end-to-end service means we’ve built long-standing relationships with OEM partners and customers to supply the fleets of the future.

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