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Ontic Extended Life Solutions

Maximize The Value of your Non-Core Products

Ontic has spent the last five decades licensing and acquiring non-core product lines from major aerospace OEMs. Our extensive experience adopting, transitioning and supporting these products in the market provides an attractive option for OEMs seeking strategic solutions to challenging product lines. 

Ontic can help OEMs:

Improve Financial Returns. 

Upfront fees and royalty income go straight to the bottom line solving financial gaps and improving profit margins.

Liberate Assets, Rescue Resources.  

Free stranded capital tied up in inventory and machinery while regaining valuable facility space and key personnel, so you can better support your current strategic objectives.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction.  

Ontic provides increased product availability and responsiveness throughout the full life cycle of the aircraft.

Ontic's Proven Adoption Process


Strategic assessment of your product portfolio for appropriate licensing or divesture candidates


Formulation of a mutually beneficial licensing or disposition agreement and initial technical evaluation


Transition of necessary knowledge, data and assets to Ontic for complete product support


Ontic becomes the “OEM”, fully supporting all manufacturing and customer responsibiities


Ongoing communications including periodic performance reports

Our entire organization is optimized for legacy and non-core product support. Our solutions are proven and trusted by leading OEMs because we:

Strictly adhere to the OEM’s own high standards  providing exceptional customer support and expert manufacturing capabilities spanning every major aircraft system.

Provide essential resource relief
freeing up stranded capital and engineering, purchasing, and manufacturing personnel.

Have the critical knowledge and expertise  to transition products seamlessly, with minimal time investment from the OEM and minimal disruption to customers.

Zealously protect your intellectual property  without those rights our business would not exist; we regularly defend and extend market positions against 3rd party hostile PMA.

With the inevitable challenges that accompany non-core product lines, the question is not “if” you need an exit strategy, but “when”. Talk to an Ontic Extended Life Solutions Expert to explore your options and to ensure you meet all of your organization’s business objectives.

Pedigree A legacy focused OEM + Availability Conforming parts on time = Value to OEM and to “Our Customer”


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Director of Business Development

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Senior Business Development Manager

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