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June 20, 2023

Ontic, the leading licensor and manufacturer of complex engineered parts for the global aerospace and defense industries, has been voted in as an Associate Member of the Americas Aerospace Quality Group (AAQG), a cooperative organization within the aerospace industry in the Americas (including North, Central and South Americas).

The AAQG is part of the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) and works to establish and maintain a dynamic synergy based on trust between the Americas’ aerospace companies on initiatives to make significant improvements in quality performance and reductions in cost throughout the value stream.

IAQG Standards are published with various technical committees both established and recognized in the Americas. Additionally, the Americas works in cooperation with other technical committees to create and maintain quality management systems and support quality-related processes.

Director of Quality at Ontic, Chatsworth, CA, Alex Olmedo, who is a standing member of the G-14 AAQSC committee, IAQG AIMM committee and represents the AAQG on the AS9100 writing team, said, “Becoming members of the AAQG demonstrates Ontic’s commitment to quality throughout our operation as well as our passion to contribute to the success of the aerospace, defense and space community of organizations.

“At Ontic, we take pride in the fact that quality is our true north, which guides our path to deliver high-quality services and products for customers and partners.”

“We are proud and excited to be part of the AAQG, and we will work to play our part in shaping improvements in quality standards across our industry with the vision of benefiting from the competitive advantage that best-in-class quality processes can deliver to all of our Ontic sites.”