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Ontic is the leading manufacturer of established, certified aircraft parts. Through our proven adoption process, we’ve seamlessly transitioned and acquired product lines from major OEMs, representing thousands of individual aircraft parts.

An Ontic OEM Case Study

Gas Turbine Set for Long-Term Sustainability

Faced with supply chain inefficiencies, product performance challenges, and low fleet readiness, leading OEM Safran turned to Ontic for a licensing solution for their Gas Turbine Starter, supplying the US Marine Corp.

We overhauled the supply chain process to increase product availability and readiness, while providing overall better service and support.

Safran - Ontic Customer
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An Ontic OEM Case Study

A Lifetime Supply for the Global Fleet

Major OEM Thales were hit with the challenge of obsolescence after a withdrawal notice of their Doppler Radar Velocity Sensor, posing a significant risk to their end customers and the global fleet.

Thales entered into an asset purchase license with Ontic to continue production and overcome the risk of obsolescence. We exceeded all expectations, not only increasing availability of the aircraft part, but delivering four new Doppler assemblies to customers within the first year.

Thales - Ontic Customer
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A Trusted Partner

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Partnering with Ontic

By partnering with Ontic, we ensure continuous availability of your established aircraft parts, freeing up your tied inventory and improving customer satisfaction.

OEM Solutions

Ontic allows you to maximize the value of your established aircraft parts by divesting your product lines to us, so you can focus your resources elsewhere and reduce the strain on your overheads.

Product Capabilities

Our product lines span every major aircraft system as well as a variety of adjacent technologies in the rail, marine and industrial sectors.