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Ontic supports major aerospace OEMs with the production of established aircraft parts, freeing them to focus on the fleets of the future. And with over 160 licenses worldwide, we’re a global leader in helping OEMs maximize the value of their product lines.

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Maximizing the Value of Your Established Aircraft Parts

As an aerospace OEM, your business is built to design, manufacture, and deliver cutting-edge technology.

We know, because we’re an OEM, too. But as your products fall outside of your core focus, challenges emerge that place a strain on your business resources, steal your profit, and prevent you from focusing on the future. That’s where we come in.

As your long-term partner, Ontic embraces the challenges of your product lines. Through licensing or divesting your product lines to us, we continue to innovate, develop, and manufacture established aircraft parts to supply the market for as long as it needs it. At Ontic, we keep the world turning.

Increase Profit

Improve financial returns with upfront fees and royalty income going straight to the bottom line

Reduce Financial Burdens

Lower transition and relocation costs through achieving significant footprint and platform support simplification

Liberate Assets

Free stranded capital tied up in inventory and machinery, with more available resources to better support your strategic objectives and innovation

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Gain increased customer satisfaction with greater product availability and responsiveness

The true cost of your product line

Whether your product is no longer your core focus, you’re facing decreasing demand and shrinking market share, or your product is utilized on a declining fleet, the financial burden of established products is one that, as a leading OEM, you’re all too aware of. Although, it’s often the hidden costs that leave more of a damaging impact.

Visible Costs


Invisible Costs


  1. Increased Material Cost
  2. Increased customer support & quality challenges
  3. Costly production line setups / takedowns
  4. Inefficient human resource allocation

High-fixed overhead expenses, customer dissatisfaction, inefficient allocation of resources — to name a few — all place a significant strain on your business, and on your profitable returns.

But we know that every part is important, so it’s not as simple as discontinuing your product line, especially when major worldwide airframes still require the parts.

Ontic alleviates these pressures for you by becoming your customer’s OEM — delivering the same quality and standard of products and services that your customers expect, but with faster turnaround times, more availability, and more value.

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Ontic supports hundreds of customers and platforms, from airframe manufacturers and commercial airlines, to governments and military markets.

OEM Partners

Through our partnerships with leading aviation OEMs, we continue to innovate and develop their established product lines to provide customers with the availability, service level, and support they need.


Our customers trust us, as the OEM, to provide established products that deliver quality, safety, and sustainability to keep their fleets where they should be.