Partnering with Ontic

OEMs around the world place their trust in us to transition their product lines, so we can continue supplying major fleets across the aerospace and defense industry.

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Why Partner with Ontic?

We pride ourselves on being the world leader in established aircraft parts and MRO services — making us the ideal partner for OEMs wanting to divest or license their product lines.

We provide an end-to-end service, acquiring all manufacturing and supply chain responsibilities for your customers to become their dedicated OEM, from part production to full technical configuration of parts. And with expertise in low volume, high-mix manufacturing, we increase customer satisfaction with improved availability and faster turnaround of the parts they need.

Established Products

An expert in manufacturing and developing established aircraft parts


Conforming parts on time, with increased availability and customer satisfaction


End-to-end expert service, providing value to our licensed OEMs and customers

Ontic’s technical know-how, ability to turn challenges into profit, and exceptional customer support is what makes us unique. That’s why OEMs have placed their trust in us for over 45 years.

What to Expect with Ontic

Seamless transition of all products
Adherence to OEMs’ high standards with expert manufacturing capabilities
Essential resource relief to free up stranded capital and realign your focus
Increased availability and acceptance of products
Enhanced customer satisfaction
Transfer of all assets and supply chain responsibilities as your customers’ OEM
Increased financial returns for your business
Lifetime of support for you and your customers
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Licensing & Divesting with Ontic

Whether licensing or divesting, we have various different solutions to support you and the needs of your business.


  • Assets and IP transfer
  • Final value is established
  • Discrete separation from customer/market
  • More complex, longer transaction cycle
  • Cash price upon close

License with Royalty

  • IP retained by OEM
  • Term may be limited
  • Highest valuation
  • Mutual interest demonstrated to customer/market
  • Paid via future sales

Pre-Paid License

  • IP retained by OEM
  • Accelerates royalty income
  • Risk transfers, royalty income discounted
  • May be blended with royalty license
  • Cash fee in advance

When an aging product that needs to be supported for years to come becomes a drain on your resources, you want to divest while there is still market demand — and that’s why we turned to Ontic

OEM Partner
OEM Partner -  -

The Ontic Adoption Process

Ontic’s end-to-end process is designed to be seamless, both in the transition of your product line, and in minimizing the disruption to your customers. We work closely with you to strategically assess your product line and acquire all necessary knowledge, data, and assets, so that we can assume all supply chain responsibilities as your customer’s OEM.

Step 1


Strategic assessment of your product portfolio for appropriate licensing or divesture candidates

Step 2


Formulation of a mutually beneficial licensing or disposition agreement and initial technical evaluation

Step 3


Transition of necessary knowledge, data and assets to Ontic for complete product support

Step 4

Product Management

Ontic becomes the “OEM”, fully supporting all manufacturing and customer responsibiities

Step 5


Ongoing communications including periodic performance reports

We give you freedom to focus on your future strategy, while continuing to supply customers with the established parts and services they need, for as long as they need it.

Contact Us

Speak with one of our licensing experts to learn more about our OEM solutions and how we can help you with your product line, freeing you to focus on the future.

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Through our proven adoption process, Ontic has transitioned hundreds of product lines from major, global OEMs.

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Our product lines span every major aircraft system as well as a variety of adjacent technologies in the rail, marine and industrial sectors.

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With worldwide offices and a global team of experts, Ontic has been a worldwide leader in supplying established aircraft parts for over 45 years.